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Each crystal or plant emits a certain frequency. These frequencies alter the human mindset and manifestation abilities...



All Chakras

Kyanite increases creativity, perspectives, and helps achieve mutual understanding. It's an attunement stone. It brings calmness and tranquility and can assist with collecting ones' thoughts and meditation. Physically, it clears up sinus congestion and enhances the treatment of muscular disorders. Kyanite is one of only a few stones that never need clensing or clearing. It assists in communication, honesty and mental awareness. It also helps in dream recall.

The corresponding astrological signs for kyanite are Taurus, Libra, and Aries. According to the chakra guide, which uses stones for clearing, revitalizing, and healing different sections of the body, kyanite aligns all chakras automatically and immediately. In this system it can also open the chakras. Blue kyanite is used specifically on the throat and third-eye chakras


Crown Chakra

Clarity of mind, expanding ones awareness. Access past and future lives. Selenite will also break through stagnant engery and material goals. It can assist with judgement, and just resolutions. It allows one to see and understand the inner workings of any situation and helps provide strength in ones decisions.


All Chakras

Masculine energy. Boosts Wealth and abundance. Energy of the Sun, truth and purity. Balances the immune system and creative mind. Balances Aura/energy flow.


All Chakras

Both Masculine and Feminine energy. Eases energy flow in situations, increases emotional harmony regardless of astrological imbalances. If you are feeling a bit off try wearing/having copper to stabilize astrological disharmonies.


All Chakras

Feminine Energy. Aids flow of energy body and provides mental balance and clarity. Harmonizes male and female energies: especially when used with gold. Improves fertility, insight and intuition.

Lemurian Quartz

Crown Chakra

This is an amazing crystal that has the teachings of the Lemurians encoded into the sides the ridges are like a record of the Lemurians before they went into the light. A very strong healing stone! Boosts telepathy, concentration and focus. Connects you with ancient informtion from past civilizations.


The Ruby brings success and vitality! Acts like the sun. Constantly balances the heart on all levels. Instills self-confidence and eliminates self-doubt, opens you to self-love and love from others. Root Chakra also - provides strength, stability and grounding.


All purpose healing stone. Aligned to the heart and love and emotional healing. Excellent stone for dreaming. I notice that it removes negative feelings towards others almost immediately. A great stone for Merchants and Prosperity!

Lapis Lazuli

Throat Chakra

Third Eye

Opens your third eye and crown chakra. Connects your head to your heart to increase desire to work for highest good. Increases self reliance, manifestion ability and psychic powers. A cool calming stone with great amounts of psychic power and protection.


Crown Chakra

Soothes and removes stress and strengthens higher self discovery. Lepidolite is Lithium Mica - keyword being LITHIUM - provides great relaxation and good for sleeping disorders, anxiety, bipolarity and more.


Heart Chakra

Builds physical health by strengthening the heart. Attracts abundance when used for the higher good.


Heart Chakra

Clears the way for your heart to feel and reconnect! Creates prosperity in all aspects. Cleanses any emotional issues and heals your connections to others.


Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus

Calming crystal that cannot hold any negative energy. Works with your higher self to promote higher awareness and break old patterns. Boosts abundance and self-esteem.


Third Eye

Crown Chakra

Cool, collected and powerful - the mindset of amethyst. Accelerates development of psychic abilities. Once thought of as a stone to prevent drunkeness, I cannot verify this but it does calm the mind allowing one to see the potential futures accessed with each different option of a life-choice.

Rose Quartz

Heart Chakra

Heals the heart and connects you with a higher lover and opens you up to greater emotional connections. Centers the self and promotes inner peace and healing. Provides you with a sense of love for yourself and all.


Throat Chakra

Transmutes the vibrations of earth and heaven. Heals the spirit. Induces trust, courage, wisdom and kindness. A very psychic shaman stone.


Root Chakra

Increases personal attraction ability, optimism, courage and will. Strengthens your etheric body. A Grounding stone.


Third Eye

Stimulates intellect, promotes realization. Stimulates development of clairvoyance, telepathy. Enhances creativity.


Heart Chakra

A Healing stone. Gives prosperity and bliss to the owner. Helps recall past lives and ancient wisdom.

Legal Disclaimer : These products are not a medical device, and not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.